Red, White, and Blue Coconut Flour Cupcakes for Memorial Day (Grain Free, Gluten Free, with Dairy Free and Paleo Options)


       These are my family’s latest favorite cupcakes and they come from Hannah, over at HealyEatsReal.  I found them long before I went grain free and made them the first time for my son’s second birthday party last August, a pirate-themed beach party.  I used puréed blueberries in my frosting to make them blue (plus my son LOVES blueberries) and I made a dairy-free frosting using coconut whipped cream.

        I’ve made them a few times since.  Just a couple of weeks ago I made them for a tea party my best friend hosted at her house with my two-year old and her four-year old.  Her little girl asked for cupcakes, so I made these as they are something me and Blessing can eat but so good no one will care they are grain free if they don’t have to eat that way!  I thought about sharing them then and didn’t, but then the other day I decided to make something sweet for dessert on Memorial Day and immediately decided to make these again.

        They are very easy and contain ingredients I typically have on hand.  (They will turn out fine, I think, without the sparkling water but these do turn out nice and fluffy and I’m sure those bubbles help with that.)  Every time I make them I prepare them dairy free and use coconut oil over butter and coconut milk.  This last time I was a little low on coconut oil so I used palm shortening and that also worked fine.  I typically use coconut sugar but honey works well also. 

        One more note; I now make my own baking powder.  Baking powder has cornstarch in it (a no-no if you’re Paleo but also that cornstarch is usually GMO).  Did you know it is super easy to make your own?  To make one tablespoon baking powder mix together 1 teaspoon baking soda with 2 teaspoons cream of tarter.  I mix up a big batch at a time and store it in a labeled jar in my pantry to use as needed.

        She recommends mixing them in a food processor so every time I have made them I use my blender, which works great, and you dump everything in at once.  As I said, they are very easy. 

        The last two times I have made them I have done her strawberry variation in the frosting – look how pretty that pink frosting is with the specks of REAL strawberries!  That’s not food coloring – it’s real food!  And they taste divine.  I went to Pinterest looking for another alternative to the whipped coconut cream frosting I always used (good, but I wanted an actual frosting), and I found this.  It’s called The Best Paleo Frosting Ever and it’s by Real Food RN and it is not only the best paleo frosting I have ever had but may be one of the best I’ve ever had.  It’s like a buttercream but is completely dairy free.  Trust me.  You’ll want to eat it with a spoon.

        I made it according to the recipe but then added my puréed strawberries (I’m sorry but I didn’t measure either time and just eyeballed it but it was about half a cup puréed.)  Since that adds a little more liquid I added a little more coconut flour and arrowroot powder (about a tablespoon of each at a time) until I got the thickness I wanted.  Then I simply scooped it into a plastic bag, snipped the side, and did a little piping just for fun.  (I want a set of actual piping bags with the tips; not a necessity, I know, but it would a lot of fun, I think.)

        At the tea party I added a sliced strawberry to the top of each and they were very pretty!  On Monday I added some puréed blueberries to make them red, white, and blue.  Just blueberries.  I added a heaping teaspoon to the top of each cupcake and spread it out just a bit before frosting them and I’m pretty proud of myself.  They look pretty cute, don’t they?  And they are amazing.  I am not ashamed to say I ate two of them last night.  They are that good and SO worth every calorie.

        Here are the recipes.  The Coconut Flour Cupcakes, via HealyEatsReal can be found at: http://www.healyeatsreal/coconutflourcupcakes.  The frosting, from Real Food RN can be found at

        Just one more thing.  I can’t close this post without saying something about Memorial Day.  I know it’s not about barbecues and cupcakes.  It’s about the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country so that we can have the freedom we take for granted every day.  The love the saying, Home of the Free Because of the Brave.  It is so true and I am very blessed to have many of those brave in my circle of friends and family, some still with us and some not.  I was telling Henry about what the day meant and realized three out of his four great-grandfathers all served and then I went on to tell him about the uncles and great-uncles and close family friends and I thought, ‘Wow, what a legacy this little boy has!’  I look forward to the day he can understand and be as proud as I am.


Have a great day,



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